There are no prerequisites and a high school diploma and GED are not required. Students must profess Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and be pursuing a life that is honoring to Christ. Students must be in general agreement to our Statement of Faith and values that we hold. No church or denominational affiliation is required for admission. Applicants with a criminal background or who have a history of sexual misconduct will not be admitted to the school due to the presence of children on the retreat grounds

Age Requirements:
Our students range from age 18-30

Younger  and older students outside of this range will be taken on a case to case basis

Student applications are kept strictly confidential and are evaluated for signs that the applicant meets the admission requirements and 

shows a readiness to attend, and will both benefit from and find success in our program 

TUITION COST: $5,000 Includes room and board ( Does Not include $1,700 missions outreach to the Philippines) Inquire about scholarships if you need help with finances.