Amanda Fields

Samara Olvera

Koinonia Bible School has certainly been a gift from God to me! It has been an amazing fit. Being where God wants you is such a crucial aspect of life.
The focus on relationship with God was one of the reasons that I came to Koinonia. Being away from the noise of the world has been a blessing. There is a cleansing that happens as you are immersed in Scripture. Confusion decreases and you are enabled to focus in a way that was unknown before.
During my time here I have found that the focus on the word of God has been so important. I would always have considered myself to be someone with a good working knowledge of Scripture but that did not mean that I was letting the word have its work in me. I found myself surprised and challenged as I realized that being familiar with Scripture is not the same thing as being equipped by it.
Sometimes it takes time for truth to work its way down to our heart level. God has used the time here to change me by His grace and truth.

God told me I would go to a bible school and eventually led me to KBS,: A beautiful place where I was stretched, challenged, encouraged, and loved. My relationship with God has immensely grown! It has been a privilege to study, live, and play here. The sweetness of His presence here is awesome. I am very thankful for this season of my life. <3